Through its relationships with a variety of service professionals in the U.S., Aspyre can also assist foreign investors with the following matters related to relocation or investment in the United States:

  • Real Estate - selling, leasing, management, construction services, home and interior design

  • Education - public and private school placement for elementary, middle, high school and college including summer internships

  • Business Development - creating, acquiring or expanding a business, finding joint venture or investment partners

eb-5 broker-dealer SERVICES


Investments in EB-5 projects are considered securities under the securities laws of the United States, individual U.S. states and most foreign countries where EB-5 investors reside.

Certain Aspyre professionals who serve as registered representatives of Equinox Securities, Inc., a FINRA-registered broker-dealer, are able to provide the EB-5 industry with a variety of securities-related services, including:

  • capital raising
  • project due diligence
  • investor qualification
  • investment suitability
  • qualification and supervision of overseas placement agents
  • overseas marketing of securities to investors

eb-5 consulting SERVICES


Aspyre advises regional center, developers and issuers at various stages of the EB-5 process.  In addition to preliminary due diligence and deal structuring functions, Aspyre can perform post-closing functions such as loan management, project monitoring and asset management, as needed.

In addition, through our strategic relationship with Equinox Securities, Inc., a FINRA-registered investment adviser firm, Aspyre offers investment advice to issuers, overseas migration agents and immigrant investors by providing comprehensive due diligence services for EB-5 projects in order to evaluate and monitor the safety and security of the proposed project.

Based on our experience with EB-5 projects as well as our experience in real estate investments, real estate project financing, cross-border consulting and the capital raising process, we believe that Aspyre is one of the most qualified EB-5 consulting firms in the industry.

Disclosure: Aspyre Capital Group LLC is not a registered broker-dealer or a registered investment adviser. Securities-related transactions and investment advice are offered through Equinox Securities, Inc., member FINRA/SIPC.  Aspyre Capital Group LLC and Equinox Securities, Inc. are not affiliated entities. However, certain professionals of Aspyre Capital Group LLC are registered representatives of Equinox Securities, Inc.​

Investments in EB-5 projects are considered securities under the securities laws of the United States, individual states, and most countries where EB-5 investors reside.  EB-5 securities can only be offered to investors that have met certain eligibility requirements such as income or net worth as well as certain other suitability requirements.  Nothing contained in this website shall be considered an offer of securities.  The information here is only for use by our eligible clients.  These web pages are not to be copied, reproduced or replicated in any fashion.

Aspyre Capital Group is a diversified, full-service cross-border and EB-5 consulting firm that offers a high level of professional services to a variety of clients such as:

  • Cross-Border Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Developers

  • EB-5 Regional Centers and Project Developers

  • Banks and Financing Partners

  • Attorneys

  • Overseas Migration Agents

  • EB-5 Investors 

Aspyre was created by experienced real estate, banking and EB-5 professionals exclusively for the EB-5 industry in order to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to our clients operating in an industry undergoing rapid change.